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COR Certification is often required for contracts in the Infrastructure Industry, but achieving it can be a long and costly process without a streamlined system like Safeware.
Our team works closely with you to create a Health & Safety program that’s customized to address your company’s unique needs and requirements. The result is a clear and concise route to COR Certification – your first step into a world of new opportunities.

Save time with our efficient and smart forms

Have your health and safety program with you wherever go, accessible from anywhere in the world

Rest easy knowing your information is safe in Safeware's secure database

Increase productivity with Safware's accurate, up to the minute databases

Accessible via smartphone, tablet, and computer

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The biggest challenge associated with achieving COR is time. Our streamlined process, customized forms, and user-friendly data input system have all been expertly designed to work together to dramatically decrease your COR Certification prep time.

When working to achieve COR, organization is everything.  That’s why we provide your company with an in-depth timeline that outlines the key stages of your customized program.

Our team of experts will create and implement a detailed schedule to help your company stay on track. By breaking down each step and working closely with you to ensure that your employees are moving through the system efficiently, we’ll help you achieve COR Certification faster than you ever thought possible.

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Health & Safety is going digital and so should you.

Upgrading to a digital Health & Safety program is an obvious way to move your company forward and use today’s technology to your benefit.

By mobilizing your forms and reports, you gain access to the information you need, wherever you are.

Once completed, employees from every operation level submit their reports for review. Your clients are then offered access to a real-time reporting feature. No more messy photocopies and scanning to email – the reports are generated and delivered straight to you upon completion, increasing efficiency and limiting room for human error.

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Make data-loss a thing of the past. Paperwork gets lost in the shuffle and digital files are subject to disappearing in damaged hard drives. With Safeware, your files are stored on a private and secure server, accessible only to you and your employees. No more backing up or filing documents; everything is done for you in the safest manner possible.

By hosting information on your company’s own private server, you can rest easy knowing that your data is completely protected on a server that only you have access to.

Data loss can be as scary as it is time consuming. You should never have to fear losing everything. Instead, secure your data in the cloud with Safeware so you can focus on more important things, like increasing company productivity and achieving COR Certification.

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We know that not everyone is a computer wiz – That’s why the Safeware design team has created the most user-friendly interface on the market, allowing everyone on your team to be involved in the COR Certification process.

Notifications and alerts let your employees know when a report is due ahead of time, keeping them in the loop and ensuring that your company always remains on schedule.

Our dashboard is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Our mandate is to simplify COR for your employees – not complicate it.

Download The Safeware App today and see just how easy achieving COR Certification can be!

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Companies today are constantly looking for “Green” alternatives to help shape the future of their businesses and more significantly, the future of the planet.

Give your company a competitive advantage by adopting a paperless Health & Safety Program.

Safeware is a paperless health & safety program that provides a smart, cost-effective solution to the problems caused by traditional paperwork.